LCI Merritt Livestock Insurance

Horse Liability Insurance Coverage


This policy covers you in the event your horse injures a third party or damages their property.

This provides coverage for defense fees, as well as pays claims made against you for which you are legally liable during the policy period.


This coverage is very important if you perform any commercial equestrian activities such as boarding, instruction, training, breeding, etc.

Coverage is provided if you are sued by a third party who is injured or whose property is damaged.

Coverage limits available in $300,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000 amounts with double aggregates available.

The policy covers defense costs and pays claims for which you are legally liable up to the policy limits.


Consider this coverage if you board, train or breed horses for others.

If a non-owned horse is injured or dies while in your care and you are found negligent, this policy will provide for the horse's medical care or replacement cost up to the policy limits.

Defense costs are also covered.

Trailering is automatically included in this coverage for up to a 100 mile radius from your facility.

Additional transit coverage for the continental U.S and Canada is available.

Annual premium starts at $200.