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At LCI we offer  horse insurance quotes, equine health insurance, horse farm insurance, horse and pony insurance, horse insurance for older horses, horse stable insurance, bhs horse insurance, horse trainer insurance, riding instructor insurance. We are a top rated Horse Insurance company.  Our services include horse insurance, riding club insurance, carriage ride insurance, trail ride insurance, pony ride insurance, outfitter, farrier insurance and more. We specialize as your equine insurance specialists and are ready to provide quick horse insurance quotes, now!

Our knowledgeable agents are able to fit any special needs that you might have and create a unique horse insurance policy.  We offer free quotes for any type of horse, regardless of breed or use.

We have several top rated companies, including LLoyd's of London, available to meet your insurance needs. We work with companies that will insure your home, horse, barn, farm equipment and other related items. Take some time to review the many types of coverage that we offer.

In addition to livestock and ranch insurance policies, we also offer Special Liability Insurance coverage for single events and riding clubs and associations.  Contact us for details on the availability of these policies.

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